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From start to finish, trust us to make your dream space a reality.

The outdoors should be an extension of your home.

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About Us

Saskatoon's Trusted Outdoor Lifestyle Contractor

With 15 years of experience, EBS Designs is your premier choice for outdoor lifestyle projects. From design to your completed masterpiece, our dedicated team is happy to provide a wide range of services. We are experts in combining beauty and function into every one of our projects.


Our dedicated team has been providing quality services to residential and commercial customers for 5 years.

From small renovations to major design and build projects, we put our best efforts into everything we do.  We’ll work to enhance the features you love, creating additions that complement your space while taking permanent fixtures like boulders, trees, and underground infrastructure into consideration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the steps you take for each project?

For each project, we complete the following steps: consultation, 2D/3D design process (if required), estimate, installation, client satisfaction walk-through, and a follow-up. The length of each step depends on the size and complexity of the project and a time estimate will be provided.

2. Do you offer any warranty?

Warranties are dependent on the job and project. For example, greenery has a 1-year warranty and brick/irrigation systems have a 3-year warranty for issues related to installation.

3. How are fees determined?

EBS is happy to provide a free estimate for potential clients. 

  • Design fees are dependent upon the scope of the project

  • Materials like bricks and walls are sold by the square foot. Installation for brick includes machine hours.
    Bricks and walls are sold by the square foot and typically run between $15 - $40 per square foot (incl. Installation, material costs, etc.)

  • Irrigation is based on lineal feet of lines and coverage, the type of controller (manual vs. auto), etc.

  • Excavating services are billed hourly.

4. How is billing done?

Billing is done on a per-job basis, once the job is complete. Depending on the scope of the project, an upfront deposit may be required prior to ordering any materials.

5. What are some brands you use?
  • Brick: Belgard, Barkman, Unilock, and Techoblok

  • Irrigation: Hunter and Rainbird

  • Turf: Rymar and Bella

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